I Also Have a Dream

I dream of a time when the human race realizes that its waste is polluting every space on Earth. It is not enough to just know this fact; we must act to stop the practice before our spaceship is not fit for us to live on and we perish.

Every other species on this planet knows not to defecate in its home, but human beings will defecate in the very places that sustain life. We even have the nerve to sit in big halls and proclaim lofty goals to stop this mass pollution while perpetuating the rape and plunder of Mother Earth’s resources. These resources also include our own kind…the rich and powerful somehow think that they and they alone will survive any catastrophe that might befall mankind – what folly indeed.

Somehow wealth and power constitute wisdom to the few who would rule the world. In reality, their own lack of sensibilities consumes their ability to make sense. We see so-called leaders making statements that confound the masses because they do not have one thread of common sense which is what real wisdom is all about.

These people have tried to rule the world since time immortal, but only in this century have we (the masses) been privy to their ranting and raving. Mass media is the reason we can see these super wise people on a daily basis and their messages are always the same. Let me show you the way to freedom, when in reality they only wish to enslave.

Control is the key word with the Earth ruler want-to-be wise men and women. They are very easy to spot because their wealth precedes their words and non-deeds. It is no surprise that the rulers are trying new tactics in today’s world. The masses can no longer be controlled by religion – that only leaves political and economic control.

What better way than ownership of food and drink to control the common folks. If we are good, we will receive our stipend of sustenance for the day. If we do not conform, our children go hungry and thirsty. “Give me your tired, huddled masses yearning to be free” takes on a sinister connotation. He who controls resources can control the world – at least for a while.

What is not in the wealthy man’s tiny brain is the absolutely incredible ability and power of the little people to fight back and again win their freedom from tyrants. We will rise to fight the giant with arrow and slings and we will win simply because we have the common sense to do so. We will find the tyrants hiding in their lairs filled with terror and misgivings because of stupidity and greed. All their gold and silver will not save them….

Write on,





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