Five Times a Lady


The first time: When we met, my Lady trusted me with everything she owned – including her heart. All she asked is that I love her dogs and at that point I became a dog lover forever.

The second time: My Lady accepted my children with open arms. She was maligned by a few, but never speaks of it and is gracious to all of them in spite of it all. I did likewise with hers, but was never maligned. Obviously she was the better parent.

The third time: My Lady accepted me with no reservations and few corrections. The corrections needed to be made and I did them willingly. Alcohol and pot have no place in a loving relationship.

The fourth time: My Lady aged along with me with no complaints or judgments. How could I do any less?

The fifth time: My Lady has taught me the true meaning of love and that it is not all about me. The all about me part was tough, but loving her was easy. She also taught me that needing someone is not a weakness and, in fact, it is the most sublime form of flattery.

I am proud to announce to the world that I love my wife more than myself. This announcement makes me the kind of man a woman wants to be married to. I am proud of that and my only regret is that I have only one lifetime to live with this extraordinary woman!

Write on,




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  1. Beautiful! Walking toward another means that you let go of self and embrace We and Us. You trust another to make you happy and you give your all to their happiness. I am glad you discover how to be a partner….

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