Five and Dime Store


I really do feel sorry for kids today – their Five and Dime Store is now called a Dollar Store and they will not find a soda fountain which serves unbelievable cheeseburgers, fries and ice cream to die for in any Dollar Store. In fact, kids today would have to travel to South Dakota for that experience.

We used to ride our bikes to the Five and Dime in Escondido, California, when we had saved up enough change for a Cheeseburger, fries and a cherry Coke. OMG, it was the greatest experience. Even if we had video games, we would have never had the time to play them. You see in those days, our lives were spent outside seeking adventure and fun.

Before I even had a bike, I was the proud owner of a horse made out of a wood stick with a wooden horse head on top. The head even had a plastic mane! I also wore double Roy Roger’s pistols with fake bullets on the belt. It was my favorite cap pistol ever. I rode that horse until I couldn’t stand anymore splinters where the sun don’t shine.

I sure do miss those days of innocence and clean fun. We did come home filthy dirty, but the dirt never hurt us one iota. We had cuts and scrapes that Mom would clean and apply iodine while we cried because it burned like crazy. She would apply a band-aid and we would immediately saddle up again and ride into the sunset.

In today’s world, kids are put in a plastic bubble and pampered to the max. Where is the fun in that?

I’m just saying,



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