Equality – The Message


I used to think that if man were not on this planet, God would go unexpressed. I now see the fallacy in my thinking. Examples of Devine Love on this planet happen every day and we can see it happen through videos, news media and our own life experiences.

Every animal species on Earth (at one time or another) has shown great compassion and love to other species that sometimes would even be its prey. The interaction is astounding and sometimes unbelievable, but there it is happening in front of us and God’s love is being expressed by something other than mankind.

I remember expounding in the past how man was the only species on earth that could show compassion and love and that we were here to express the existence of Devine Love; lest it go unexpressed. How arrogant of me to think that the case when nature shows us examples of the unconditional love of a dog or cat every single day of our lives. I witnessed a lioness adopt an antelope as her own and she protected the little buck with her life.

What about the elephant and dog that became inseparable; the Greyhound and an owl – a hippo and a tortuous and a leopard standing next to a hound dog? The list is endless and all I had to do was open my eyes and my heart to what I was seeing and lo and behold, Divine Love was looking back at me.

It became clear to me that humans were really not needed on earth or anywhere else for that matter to express love because Divine Love was already being expressed in nature. I am not suggesting that we are unnatural and have no place in the universe. What I am suggesting is that we must learn the truth about our existence. We are not here to dominate the creatures of Earth because we are just a part of a larger picture that includes all animals big and small.

We can (and probably will) someday go extinct like so many creatures before us as our planet evolves. We are no better or worse than all life struggling to survive on what is surely a hostile world. Because of our intellect we can and should try to make life better for all of nature’s creations.

Because we live in an infinite universe does not mean that our temporal world will last forever. We know that it will not and it would behoove us to live in harmony while we are able. Once we learn equality with the life forms we share this planet with (including among ourselves), we will truly reflect the image and likeness of Devine Love.

I’m just saying,




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