Early Detection Works


While I am still grieving from the loss of my identical twin on December 10, 2012, I am sad to say there is yet another friend that has passed. While my friend Bill is brave – no one can be prepared for death by cancer. Writing about such depressing things on social media is perhaps in bad taste; I must point out again the importance of early detection in the case of prostate cancer, as well as all cancers.

I was diagnosed with early prostate cancer in 2000, and it was an easy decision to have the doctors rip the offending organ out of my body and radiate the area until it was totally sterile of anything even resembling cancer. Oh, I could have opted for lesser procedures, but to me and my wife the decision to remove and nuke was easy. I know something will kill me someday, but prostate cancer is not one of them!

Of course I am so sad for Bill’s family and friends and even though we lost contact over the years, I had deep respect for my friend and I knew he always had my back if needed. He was a Vietnam combat vet with no chip on his shoulder. One of the most memorable memories I have of Bill is when we were walking in the tunnel at the Tucson House in Tucson, Arizona, toward the swimming pool when we came face to face with Paul Newman coming the other direction donning a swim mask and flippers. Flip, flop, flip, flop, until he stopped, smiled and said hello. You could see those incredible blue eyes and smile through the swim mask. It was the highlight of our lives at that time!

God speed, my friend…I hope to see you in Devine Love so we can reminisce about all the great times we shared during the good old days in Tucson, Arizona.

I’m just saying,




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