What Facebook Has Taught Me


Never take the written word too literal; what you are reading may have several meanings.

Be tolerant of what you read on other people’s page – after all, it is THEIR page and you don’t have to read it (hard one for me to learn).

Don’t click like out of guilt or for any other reason other than you like what you are reading.

Clicking like does not always require a comment.

Just because you like something does not mean you are required to write a dissertation on the subject.

When you share something, do not erase the person’s name who originated the piece…be original, not a glory hound.

When somebody asks for your opinion, be honest, but at the same time be gentle and generous. If your review is not flattering, request an e-mail address instead of blasting the person on a public format.

The old adage, “If you can’t say something good then don’t say anything at all,” is probably sage advice.

It’s OK not to like NASCAR, but it is not OK to ream someone else a new one because they do. Don’t click like so you can make a negative comment – just move on. This applies to all subjects.

I know all of the above are hard to do when it involves family, but family are people too and when you screw up it hurts even worse. If family is un-friending you, it’s time to take stock and a break from Facebook.

Religion and politics: It is better to put your hands in boxing gloves than to respond with a negative to either of these subjects. There is no right or wrong when it comes to these two universal taboos. No matter your response – they will be fighting words to someone and the fun begins.

While I don’t care for guilt trips if you don’t share something (especially religious), I do believe in sharing social redeeming subjects and something that is beyond funny. Sharing is caring….

If, like me, you enjoy some off-color jokes, remember that there is a limit to bad taste in subject matter. Sometimes enough is enough.

If being on Facebook disturbs, disrupts, pisses you off or makes your day unbearable in any way, may I suggest that you might find more enjoyment on Twitter instead.

If being on Twitter does the same thing to you, might I suggest that you trade in your computer for a down payment on a Harley-Davidson and go search for an attitude adjustment. The open road has a tendency to clear your mind.

Last, but not least…social networks are just that – social. If Facebook has become your life’s work and social release, you are in big trouble. There is no doubt that you have become Zuckerberg’s slave and being a slave is no freaking good. Break your chains and hang out in WalMart for a while. When you return from the zombie land of shopping, there is no doubt your attitude will have changed and you are now ready to Facebook again.

I’m just saying,




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