Bully for You!


Here’s the deal; do you really think that getting an award from your POD publisher equates into book sales? I would bet that you are close to completing a new novel and they are foaming at the bits to publish it too, for a price.

Strictly publish on demand publishers stay in business by being paid big bucks to publish your hard work. I know one POD publisher in New York City who wanted $10,000 for one book! I laughed just before I hung up the phone – the norm is somewhere around $2,500.

There is not one self-published author out there that doesn’t know the ropes concerning traditional publishers. Unless you are connected…forget it. Self-published authors also know that we are caught between a rock and a hard place. Even if you have written a masterpiece, the chances of your work being picked up by Simon and Schuster or Dream Works are as remote as Pluto…maybe even more so.

I hear this question a lot; why do you continue to write novels if success cannot be achieved? The answer is really quite simple. Once a person sits down, writes a novel, selects a jacket design, has it proofed and edited and then pays to see it in print on Amazon, the die is cast. You might as well have stuck a needle in your arm filled with addictive drugs because you are hooked, baby, and I mean really hooked! Passion to write + Seeing your book on Amazon = Goner.

There is one slim hope for salvation. There are a few POD publishers out there that are also traditional. If you publish with them and sell 2,000 books, they will pick up the tab from that point on and become your traditional publisher. Whoa – if you think selling 2,000 units is easy…think again; especially if you are already working on your fourth novel and planning a fifth.

My goal was a trilogy and I have reached my goal plus working on a new novel. Now I am sitting here picking my nose wondering which way to go. I do know that whatever direction I take, it is going to cost even more money. There is solace in the fact that I reached my goal, but the big enchilada still evades me. I know that I am not alone in this dilemma. My fellow authors; we are book rich and money poor.

I’m just saying,




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