Bring a Pooper Scooper


I have been looking for something to say to all the folks out there in Facebook Land who think saving the world can only be accomplished through their own private belief system or dogma. I am not smart enough sometimes to say what I feel in my heart without using profanity and losing my temper which once lost, is battle lost.

I so tire of the constant bombardment of political rhetoric tossed about, to and fro, by both sides of the aisle with end-of-the world predictions. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. My delete basket is filled with such garbage like a lump of smelly dog poo. I ask politely to please quit sending their propaganda and agenda to me because I am not interested, but alas, it only adds fuel to their selfish desires to be winners instead of the losers they really are.

I do like the Facebook posts that depict the good things about human nature and the fact that we are all “Spiritual beings having a human experience.” I don’t like the idea that if I don’t re-post that “I love Jesus” it means that I don’t and my soul is going straight to a place that doesn’t exist. Or better yet, that I should re-post a money angel picture with large piles of cash at her feet and if I don’t, none of the money shall be mine. Please give me a break; asking for material things from whatever God you believe in is like asking for dust in the wind!

I know I am fighting a never-ending battle with human nature itself. There are neither winners nor losers in the human dilemma. Tom Peters said it best: “Perception is all there is – manage it! There is no reality!” With that in mind, I bow to you all as I close Facebook and return to proofing and editing my latest book, The Noose. I don’t know which is worse….

I’m just saying,



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