Amazing Woman


I am compelled to post this in remembrance of my friend Nancy Bradley. R.I.P.

My fellow high school graduate and friend Nancy Bradley has a fantastic newsletter that I would like to introduce to you. Her accomplishments are many and her compassion unrivaled. She works tirelessly against animal abuse and her physic abilities are astounding. She and her husband, Robert, co-authored a wonderful book about her life called “The World According to Nancy .” This is a must read for anyone who appreciates extraordinary people who stand out in the world of today.

She and her “Ghost Buster” investigating team take paranormal study to a new level and she has written a fascinating book on the subject titled “Be a Ghost Buster.” I recommend this book highly; it is a down-to-earth study that makes sense, unlike some of the TV programs out there today pretending to hear and see ghosts. This is not about things that go bump in the night; this book is scientific in nature and fascinates because it makes paranormal activity something real and understandable to the average person without all the bells, trumpets and whistles. I have read this book three times and each time I better understand the paranormal world.

I want to publically thank Nancy for all her help through the years, which have empowered me to become a writer after a construction career spanning over 50 years. Without Nancy and some other dear friends, I would probably be a greeter at WallyWorld. I will cherish our friendship even after I leave this planet and go to the next level of learning and understanding. Thank you, dear Lady, for being you.

I’m just saying,



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