Doggy Delight


As a family growing up in southern California, we were not allowed to have indoor dogs. Sister could have a kitten, but my brother and I couldn’t have a puppy. Later, I realized that Dad probably couldn’t have an indoor dog when growing up either, thus his attitude towards the subject.

I was 52 years old before I knew what having an indoor dog was about. I married my wife knowing that if I didn’t like her Chihuahuas, I might as well move along. I have fond memories of one of her babies nipping me on the heels in the kitchen. Murray was very protective of his pack leader. I think Willie wanted to join in the nips, but his mouth was too small.

For some reason, I didn’t take the nips personal and it wasn’t long before I found love, contentment and happiness with my wife and her little friends. I started learning the value of pet family members – from human, to cats, birds and dogs. I must admit to not caring much for her Amazon red parrot, Albert; he was in fact a demon bird and ended up at nursing home aviary for biting one of my stepson’s through the lip while hanging there flapping his wings. He knew how to inflict maximum pain.

The only sad part of this blog is that we have had to put down so many of our family over the last 23 years whom we loved with all are hearts and souls. The process of becoming a responsible pet owner was tough. I cried tears and felt pain in my heart and soul I thought only reserved for humans. We have their ashes in decorative boxes in our house out of love and respect. Being a responsible pet owner is paramount when you decide to become a pack leader.

We also participate in Freekibble on-line… everyday and we buy their products for Christmas and birthday presents every year. Helping to feed, house and take care of all our animal friends should be a top priority for all of us who love them with all our hearts.

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