You Can’t Take the Baby Out of the Man


There, I have said it; even with plausible deniability (what, you thought only politicians could use that term?), it is obvious men are babies when they are sick…just ask my wife! While I always maintained there wasn’t a shred of evidence to prove what wives have been saying for centuries, my crying and whining leaves no doubt as to the validity to the above title.

Men, it is time to admit it and move on. After all, it is not often we get sick…therefore our propensity to act like babies when sick makes perfect sense. Women on the other hand get sick more often and are used to it; thus their ability to continue doing chores and the like with a minimum of complaints is only natural.

Take solace, my male comrades – as the stronger of the species, it is a scientific fact that when men succumb to illness, they are more susceptible to pain and weakness. We need nurturing, care and bed rest. When women become ill, only daily chores, baby tending and the like seem to get them well at a faster rate than men. It is perfectly OK for us to go golfing during these times; they usually want us out of the house while they mend.

The moral of this story is self-evident. Make sure you are well on the way to recovery before you post a blog like this. No doubt the tender loving care will cease after it is read by the wife.

I’m just saying,



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