You have yet to panic!


You have owned your new Keurig coffee maker 12 hours and it’s time to make that first cup of brew. “Oh, which one shall I have?” After settling on pumpkin spice, you make sure the water reservoir is full, the machine is on and all you have to do is install the K-cup, close the lid and press the button. What an exciting morning – until you realize a few minutes later (as you hear the sweet nectar being brewed) that you forgot to install your favorite mug in the machine. Now is the time to panic!


You stand in the garage admiring your brand new, bad ass Harley-Davidson. So what if it costs a fortune; it’s worth more than a Corvette any day. It doesn’t need to be washed, but today is the bike’s first day in public and you want it to sparkle. The bucket and hose are in the driveway along with the gentlest soap you could find. Even though you don’t have to start it for the trip to the driveway, you can’t help but sit on it, start it up and roll it back to the wash area where you lay it down horizontally on the concrete because you forgot to put the kickstand down. Now is the time to panic!


My brother and I decided to go fishing at Lake Patagonia south of Tucson, Arizona. The lake was stocked every year with trout and we were determined to get some of those little critters for the frying pan. The best fishing hole was difficult to get to with its share of cactus dotting the hilly landscape. As we carried a rather large ice chest loaded with beer and bait, we headed out for the quarter-mile trek. As we neared the lake, I stumbled as we were going down the bank and let go of the ice chest. Brother had a choice – let go of the beer and watch it sink or grab it and the only other thing to grab…a jumping cactus. Now is the time to panic! I am happy to report that he saved the beer and it didn’t hurt me one bit.


When I was a young man living on the southern coast of California…you could only be successful finding me if you went to the surfing spots. It was during one of those times that the surf was awesome, water warm and babes galore. We decided to spark up the crowd with a little brown out for their enjoyment. This maneuver entailed turning out of a spent wave while pulling down our surfing duds and showing everyone our naked butts. I had a slight wardrobe malfunction and lost my trunks in the whitewater. When I finally stood up looking toward the shore, there were two policemen indicating they wanted me to join them. Now is the time to panic! I am happy to report that in 1959, the laws were not like they are now and most policemen had a sense of humor.

I’m just saying,



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