Private Inner World

Q Nov. 2011 008

We cannot turn back the clock, but we can go to inner space and escape the rigors of life in our modern world if even for a short time. Some use transcendental meditation, yoga, drugs, exercise, sex and a multitude of other external stimuli to gain access to temporal internal solitude. I use writing as my portal to internal order and peace. As long as I am writing, the physical world disappears and my inner space world appears and grants me entrance to a warm, loving and exciting place to be for a while.

When I exit this inner world, I must gather my thoughts and resign myself to coping with the world I live in as a human being, though it also is temporal in nature. We all must pass (hopefully) to a better place without the struggles that humanity must endure. For those of us who believe in Devine Love, the struggles are great because we watch man’s inhumanity to man and it distresses us greatly.

One cannot be a spiritual being living the human experience without feeling the total chaos of our existence on planet Earth. While I pray for our survival on Earth and try to keep a positive attitude concerning the poisoning of our world by greedy, self-serving people who do not see the spiritual side of our nature, it is also evident that chaos will eventually win out and our species will kill itself in a cesspool of human waste. There is a slim chance that science may save the day because it is obvious that we cannot.

It is no wonder that I seek the solace of my private inner world and I am thankful for the opportunity to visit as much as I can. It is interesting that when I leave my private inner world, I publish the results and that precludes the loss of privacy. That is a small price to pay if my words touch someone else in a positive manner. It is not wrong to visit, just hard to come back to the reality of life and take on the responsibilities again of being human. Part of that responsibility is to help my fellow man the best I can. It is through my writing that I hope to be of some service – it is really all I have to offer.

Write on,



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