Motorcycle Riding Paradise


The weather is going to hell in a hand basket next week, so Hoppy and I are going riding today while the sun is bright and the air is warm. Because of strong monsoon rains this summer, wild flowers and tall grass have changed the desert into a blanket of green, dotted with color and the fresh, clean smells of nature at its finest.

Phoenix managed to reach the 100 year flood amounts of moisture causing some damage, but all in all the rain has helped ease Arizona’s drought conditions. A second tropical storm is heading up Baja strip on the Pacific side and we should have a repeat of the last storm system. It is magic for all the dry reservoirs and lakes. I don’t know how much it is helping California – they need the moisture even more than we do.

I have experienced these events only a few times in all the years I have lived in the desert. It’s hard to explain to folks who have four seasons and are used to green plants and colorful flowers. For a desert dweller, green and bright colors are like a mirage. When it happens, our eyes are treated to magic that we wish would last forever.

When we ride today, we are going to see green grass and wild flowers of yellow, purple, red and bright blue. The colors will pop out in flashes like the sublime textures of an oil painting by W.A. Slaughter as we ride intoxicated by the marvelous fragrances of Mother Nature’s finest perfume. It is no wonder my mind wanders while thinking of the experience…I am hypnotized by the vision.

I got up at 2:30 a.m. this morning anticipating the ride. It’s strange how time flies like a light beam when you don’t want it to and like a snail when you do. Time is flexible like that; it is not written in stone. Alas, 7:15 will arrive and I can saddle up and head for Hoppy’s house in Sedona.

We will ride up the switchbacks in Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff and then on to Williams for breakfast. From there we will head for Chino Valley and then to Prescott Valley. By the time we reach I-17 we will be getting tired and start heading north to our homes in Camp Verde and Sedona.

A day trip like this is always a treat. After all, we can’t ride to Colorado every week – we would if our wives would let us. OK, back to reality now….

I’m just saying,



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