Mighty is the Pen


Stringing words together to make a sentence is easy if you don’t care whom you offend in the process. While you are at it, why not write a whole paragraph and twist the knife? While you may wonder whom I am stabbing with the above sentences, relax – it isn’t you. Unlike some, I would name you before I thrust the writing knife between your shoulder blades.

Nope, I am speaking about the not so clever writers who inhabit Washington, D.C. If you are not aware of this, you should be; with few exceptions, all politicians have aides that write every word they (the politicians) speak in public and the process of proofing and editing would make our efforts as authors seem tame indeed.

With this being said, I am at a quandary as to why said politicians say the craziest things in public. We (the taxpayers) pay for all of the aides and speech writers that are thicker than fleas on a dog’s back in Washington. Even with all the professional help our tax dollars can buy, some political talking heads manage to say the most asinine things. While I don’t feel the need to repeat some of the things being said, suffice it to say that we (the Facebook crowd) hear about it 24/7 until we finally go to bed wishing we could wake up in the morning on a literate planet.

The righteous slings and arrows fly back and forth like a tennis match with the left blaming the right and visa versa until all is lost and John Q Public goes to bed with anything but sugar-plum fairies dancing in his head. The smoke and mirrors keep us all like mushrooms, which is exactly where the politicians want us.

Whatever happened to tolerance in politics? Now-a-days if you criticize either party you are an outcast for life, and God help you if you criticize the President. It’s as though he is a perfect saint, above and beyond criticism of any kind. I have news for the fanatical followers of either party who think their party is perfect. It isn’t, the President isn’t and neither are you!

Here is the part that drives me up the walls. If our government is the best example of the people of America, we are indeed in dire straits. “Stupid is as stupid does” certainly describes our politicians to a T. While this may also be true of other countries, right now I am most concerned about ours. I have always been told that the brightest and best minds gravitate to the private sector for employment. My daddy said that to me 60 years ago and boy was he right. He also said that the people who work for the federal government are the ones who can’t make it in the private sector. He was right on again, but at the time I didn’t understand his reasoning. I most certainly understand it now.

While there is no doubt in my mind that Washington, D.C., is populated by lifetime, thieving, conniving, unscrupulous and immoral politicians, there is also no doubt that they are all we have right now to govern our country. The answer to the problem lies in our form of government. As a democracy, we can make our voices heard at the polls. What more evidence do we need that change must come and soon. The next time I vote, you can bet if I recognize the name I will not be voting for that person. In fact, I plan to vote for every independent candidate I can find. I will never again vote along party lines and I refuse to be a mushroom any longer.

Write on,





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