It Takes Two to Tango



Is there such a thing as the perfect couple? I believe there is, mainly because I do have the perfect wife. I didn’t say perfect woman, I said perfect wife. None of us is perfect, except a few men and women who live in Hollywood and Washington DC, but the truth be known, they are not perfect either.

I must admit to watching the soap, The Young and the Restless. On the program it seems everyone has an unlimited supply of money. I don’t get that part, but the rest of the hour-long program, which has been on TV as long as I can remember, rings true with life in the real world. For those of you wondering why a man would be watching a soap opera, I watch it because I can and if you don’t like it, go suck wind!

It is no wonder the divorce rate in our US of A is totally out of control. Instant gratification was not a trait of our grandparents or their parents before them. Times were hard and wars were worldwide in nature while soldiers were dying by the millions. When I say times were hard, I don’t mean like the recession the world is in right now. I mean not enough to eat, hand-me-down clothes and toys, walking to school and only one car for Pops to get to work (if he could find work) and families living together from the oldest down to the youngest.

We all stayed together in those days because it was expected and the right thing to do. I am not talking about divorce because of spousal or child abuse and infidelity; I am talking about divorce because of expediency, whims, jealousy, moving up the ladder, boredom, sexual incompatibility or the umpteen other asinine reasons why people get divorced today. I love the sexual incompatibility one – you and your partner were humping each other like wild rabbits until the kid was born and now you are incompatible? Give me a break!

We are a generation of vipers and dog eat dog is the norm. Hold up, I don’t mean everyone! You know who you are and so do the rest of us who carry the weight of being responsible on our shoulders. Birds of a feather do flock together. The people who strive for the good and decent things in life hang out together and the rest try to pull us down to their level. Such is life.

Let’s get back to my perfect wife – for those single people out there looking for a lifetime mate listen up. My wife is the most caring, generous, loving person I know. From our first date twenty-two years ago to this very moment, she has shared everything with me unconditionally. She raised two fine young men on her own before she met me and has gone beyond the call of duty with her stepchildren. When I met her, the first thing I noticed was that her friends were cut from the same cloth. One and all were considerate, trustworthy, generous and trusting to a fault. This included her parents and her boss who was the Chairman of the Board and CEO of a worldwide company.

When you are looking for that perfect mate, I can guarantee you will not find them in a bar or at a drinking party. That doesn’t mean you can only find a decent person in church, it just means there are other venues to meet people without the influences of alcohol and drugs. When you are high, you do not fall in love…you fall in lust. Big difference, don’t you think?

Now, who appointed me the expert on finding life-partners and marriage, you might ask? You are right, I am not Dr. Phil, nor do I have a PhD, except in the school of hard knocks. I think being married five times does give me some credibility simply because I finally got it right. Experience speaks loudly and I always have a hard time listening to someone who has not had nuts and bolts experience.

Two books helped me find the way to decent living and trustworthiness…“The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People,” by Dr. Steven Covey and “The Greatest Salesman in the World,” by Og Mandino. Get your hands on these two books, internalize them and start looking for that perfect partner!

I’m just saying,



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