Not Perfect in Any Way


I am not perfect in any way, shape or form; that doesn’t mean I don’t strive to be better though. Lord knows I do try each and every day to improve the kind of man I am – not necessarily what society says I should be, but rather, what my hearts tells me to be.

My brain wants me to have more money so I can buy even more stuff that collects in storage sheds and garages, while my heart tells me to focus on the things that enhance better character…things like caring for others, loving not just my family, but also the family of man and other creatures of the Earth. Also turning the other cheek and forgiving those who malign not only me, but most they meet in life, for these people are truly in need of compassion.

The road of the heart is “the road less traveled” and this road can be lonely and heartbreaking until you see the results of living in the light of Love. People are attracted to the light that shines in all loving people like a moth to the flame. Sure, there will be those who try to put out that light, but you know instinctively who they are and the places where they hang out. Shun these people of darkness because there is nothing you can do to help the really dark ones out there in the world lest they break you and you return to the darkness of greed, selfishness, corruption and pettiness.

While my brain screams for more possessions, my heart screams for less because I already have everything in life that I need. I have love of family and friends…there is no greater gift than this Love. Possessions come and go, but Love is forever. Shallow people come and go, but people with character stay for a lifetime and beyond. The material things in life crumble to dust, but Love shines eternal.

The prize is to reach Devine Love which is the house where God lives. I so wish to dwell in this place of Devine Love. It is that goal that drives me to be kind, generous, forgiving, helpful and loving. Sure, sometimes I fail and I have to pick myself up, dust myself off and start again to be all those things that my heart tells me I can be. When my journey ends, I will have fought the good fight and that is all one can ask for. If I am not worthy to dwell in Devine Light, my heart tells me that I will have other chances to win the prize – just at a different level than I now exist in.

One thing I am sure of…because of my efforts, I will not pass into eternal darkness. Devine Light will shine in the distance and I will continue to move toward that sublime light until I look into the eyes of God.

Write on,



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