My Two Cents


The old adage that everyone has an opinion rings true…so I thought I would add mine to the author’s gene pool. I don’t care if you have spent your last penny self-publishing your work with no prospect of ever seeing another book on Amazon. Do not give up or give in; continue to write and express your ideas. There are many places you can publish your work without spending money.

I publish a blog almost every day to Facebook and Twitter. I collect cartoons posted on Facebook daily and publish what I call Sunday Funnies for anyone and everyone on social media for free. If only one person reads my work I am happy.

I keep my name and published book titles on Twitter and answer each and every follower without fail. I keep chipping away at the mountain and sooner or later someone is going to notice – if not, at least I gave it my best before I have to leave the planet.

“A writer got to write!” is my mantra and I refuse to fail as an author. The only time we fail is when we give up and forget why we started in the first place. We started writing because we had something to say, an idea to convey and a passion to create. We recognized that creating a body of work was not just a passion, but also an addiction that can never be satisfied.

Authoring is the one thing that sets us apart from the masses. Most will never write a blog, let alone a novel. Most will never let others see their innermost desires and fantasies. In my case, writing a murder mystery gives everyone a glimpse of my dark side. Most would not even consider doing that. The masses don’t care to “let it all hang out” for fear of ridicule. I say – if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Stay true to yourself no matter what anyone says. Never prostitute your work hoping to get a break. Never give away your work for free thinking it will increase sales. In the long run, you will be shunned. No one appreciates something given to them without cost. I do not work for free and anyone who expects me to is not going to appreciate my work. When you give someone your novels for free, I guarantee they will not buy another one from you…ever. I do give my work to those I know who cannot afford to buy new books, especially if they love the genre. These folks will spread the word because of your kindness.

Write on,



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