My Friend


We usually tend to think of best friends as being the same gender, but, alas, that notion is a fallacy. One of my best friends (other than my wife) is female. Unfortunately, she moved away from Arizona to California after the big market collapse and I lost touch with her for over four years.

You could have blown me away with a feather when I receive a voice mail from her a couple of days ago telling me she would be in northern Arizona for a few days…in fact, she is arriving today. I expect to meet up with her in Sedona for a visit and catch up on what she has been up to in the forests of northern California. Not much I suspect, the trees are huge and she is a tiny woman.

I have always admired beauty and this lady has that in abundance. More importantly, I also admire hardworking folks and she and her daughter are at the top of the class. When I needed work done on a custom home, she was Johnny on the spot – each time…every time. There is nothing more important than making a property shine for a client. I also respect leadership – it is a birthright that cannot be learned. You can hone it during a lifetime, but you either have it or you don’t. She has it in spades!

I could post her picture and name on this blog, but she is also a very private person. I am sure that has not changed. My wife has met her and thinks she and her daughter are adorable. When my wife thinks you are beautiful…you are beautiful. She should know; she has the patent on beauty.

I have always maintained that you can’t have too many friends, male or female. Unlike Sandra Bullock, I am referring to people who do have your back, no matter the circumstances. True friendship is not hearing from or seeing a friend for years and then suddenly they are back in your life as if no time had lapsed during their absence. This is the definition of real and lasting love.

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