My America


While watching a re-run of the CMA Awards Show on television, something struck me clear as a bell. The program, production team and stars reminded me of how simple, honest and forthright America used to be when I was a young man. I’m not talking about government or politicians; they were just as sleazy then as now. No, I’m talking about the American people. We were confident, proud, ready with a helping hand and quick to laugh and smile.

It is not the same now – we have changed and the change has been thrust upon us by events, actions and the hidden agendas of greedy men and women who would rule the world. These people have lost the ability to laugh at themselves because of pride, greed and a new kind of racism. The racism is not of color, religion or belief system, but rather…the racism of class distinction. If you are not one of the ruling people with money and power, then you are the bottom feeder who must pay to keep the monarchy running smoothly.

Slavery is not dead; it lives and breathes in our country. The few are again ruling the many and democracy is fast fading into a memory. America used to be synonymous with democracy, but now we are equated with second-class status among other countries. Without our military power we would be the laughing-stock of the world. Our military rules the world through fear, just as our government is starting to rule us through fear. That fact makes it a very sad time in our glorious history.

Not all is lost, because there are still generations of Americans who fought for the freedoms we expect and deserve, backed by the Constitution of the United States of America. These men and women are ready to defend our way of life to the death. There are also those who believe in the Second Amendment of our constitution which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Our forefathers ratified that amendment because they feared government would get too big and try to enslave the people. This fact is well documented, as is the fact that big government has been trying to abolish the Second Amendment for decades.

I too fear our government; life in prison or worse is not what I want to happen to me or anyone else. On the other hand, even the freedom of speech is being attacked by the powers that be. If no one speaks out…we will be truly lost. If my blogs are sedition, then so be it. If I offend the rich and powerful, so be that also. If I empower just one person to speak out, it is worth the risk. If these words inspire one person to stand up and be counted, then two people have begun the task of cleaning up our government.

As I breathe, let the breath be of freedom or die I will. Death would be better than a life of oppression. America may perish, but I will not stand idly by and watch its demise. I stand for America; will you also stand with me? Together we can change the ugly events that surround us.

I’m just saying,




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