We humans live in an infinite dimensional world. Example: A boy does not meet his dream girl because the boy is ten seconds late at the bus stop and his dream girl has already entered the bus and is sitting in the back where he cannot see her. They never connect.

A man is always drinking in the bars and knows only women who are alcoholics like himself. He is crying in his beer because he is lonely and can never meet a sober woman. He will never meet the lonely woman who sits in the restaurant next door wishing she could meet a sober man. Even though they sit only a few feet apart and would be perfect for each other, they never meet.

A single mom and single dad are lonely and wish they could find someone in the same situation and team up in marriage to raise the children in one big happy family. She goes to the Baptist Church and he goes to the Methodist Church across the street. They too shall never meet, even though they worship a few hundred yards apart.

We can cross into the other dimensions described above only if we fundamentally change our thinking and habits. Human beings are a creature of habit and for those of us who have bad habits and are sometimes unwilling to turn them into good habits, stepping into another dimension of life is impossible. We must be willing to make that 180 degree turn in order to meet our true destiny. We must also be willing to look hard in the mirror and like what we see. This in turn invokes courage, self-confidence and changes how others perceive our character.

I personally like to travel through other dimensions of human existence and meet as many people as possible. As a species, we are most interesting. Everyone has fascinating stories to tell and most are will to share them if they trust your character.

In a rut? Make that 180 degree turn and find another dimension of life that truly suits your needs. Go for it; a great experience waits!

Write on,




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