No Mushrooms Please


I started writing a scathing report on the condition of our country this morning and found myself getting more depressed by the moment. All the things I was writing about were not exactly government secrets. We all know what is happening to our freedoms due to government failures and corruption. It was as if I were writing a blog for mushrooms instead of intelligent Americans who are just as well-informed as I.

After finishing four paragraphs and feeling like I wanted to vomit, I got up and went into the kitchen for a fresh cup of Joe. While there, I was reminded of a cartoon I once saw that showed a picture of a WWII soldier holding a cup of coffee in his canteen. The caption read: “How about a cup of shut the hell up!” By the time I returned to my office computer, I knew what I had written was idiotic to say the least.

I started thinking about all the positive things in the world, our country and my life. I read wonderful articles daily about people who make a difference worldwide. Selfless acts of heroism, people feeding the less fortunate, animal rescues, gifts of kindness and charity, relief organizations that help when governments can’t or won’t because of bureaucratic red tape or corruption.

I also started thinking about Americans and their generosity. It’s hard to believe how much money and time we donate to others while so many are out of work or only working part-time. Most Americans would give you the shirt off their backs if need be after a disaster. Even when money is tight, we give all we can to help others. I like us and I am proud to be an American.

How fortunate am I? I have a wonderful wife, decent roof over my head and food on the table. We have two cars that are paid for even if we can’t afford to drive them much. It’s fun to carpool with mother-in-law and family to eat out occasionally when Denny’s has a special. We are concerned about the economy and our government failures just like everyone else, but we still manage to laugh a lot at each other and ourselves because of memory loss, doing or saying something stupid (I would really not like to elaborate – thank you very much).

When the world seems on the verge of some mighty disaster, I like to be in the moment with my family and life. We only have the here and now in any case. “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not ours to hold.” I feel good writing this and I hope some of you feel good reading it. Maybe this blog represents a neat moment in time when you were free of worries and frets; fleeting, yes, but neat all the same.

Write on,


PS: Mother-In-Law has left the planet for a new adventure. Now we only have a third of a brain between us…it sucks!



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