I Ain’t Never Going Down!

This is the critter I most detest in the Sonoran Desert!

This is the critter I most detest in the Sonoran Desert!

Yup, you heard me right – when it gets too tough for the rest of them, it’s just right for me! Who in the hell am I kidding? After this last lot cleanup project, I feel like a hundred miles of bad road.

For those of you who do not live in the desert…here is a tip – everything living in the desert either bites, stings, cuts or sticks. There is no escape and about the time you think you have escaped, the heat does you in.

Sure we have plenty of sunshine in the winter and the weather can be delightful, but winter is just a resting time for all the critters and plant life just waiting for spring so they can jump into action and make an outdoor person regret being alive.

I have been bitten by snakes, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and thorns big enough to impale a vampire. Why I don’t have melanoma is anyone’s guess…it sure killed my dad because of a lifetime in the Arizona and California sun. At least now I use UV protection even if my skin looks like old boot leather.

OK, done sniveling for today. I hope everyone has a great day in spite of me.

I’m just saying,




The last visit to my doctor proved what I had been saying for several years. Why was I unable to endure the heat of the desert anymore after 50 years of working in it? Why were my muscles cramping up all the time? Why did I toss and turn all night long because every muscle in my body hurt?

“Doctor, are you sure it isn’t my medications?”

Answer from doctor: “As we get older, our bodies become susceptible to these symptoms.”

My answer: “Bull crap!”

Solution: I stopped taking the cholesterol medicine Crestor and walla – all the symptoms disappeared like magic.

Moral to the story:

Sometimes medications are far worse than the ailments they are prescribed to alleviate, especially after prolonged use. Don’t settle for opinions, even from doctors. Research your meds online, then take that information to your doctor and demand changing the ones that have harmful side effects. Take control over your body. We are all going to die, but I prefer to name my own poison!




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