Pig Poop


I have come to the conclusion that the Internet is completely controlled by shysters and scammers. They are the only ones who make money using the Web and they depend on the people out there who are looking for a way to make money without punching a time clock to get their ill-gotten gains.

All you have to do is Google how to make money on the Internet and you will have literally thousands of pages from A to Z on get rich schemes which promise the moon and stars for only $19.95. Your first payment is only the beginning of a roller coaster ride that will take you to phone calls from India, Pakistan and God only knows where else asking for just a few dollars more to take you to the next level of money-making opportunities, while you are still wondering why you haven’t even made a dime yet on the original investment.

The interesting thing about all these callers is that not one has a return number which would enable you to call them back if you needed more information or have questions. Their phone numbers are blocked; it’s beautiful – all you can do is keep charging additional costs to your original credit card payment. They have you by the short hairs and when they yank, you pay! I went this route just one time and it was a lesson I will never have to learn again. Thank God I was smart enough not to pay more and I denied any further access to my charge card!

None of this would be possible if not for the folks in the world who believe in honesty, fairness, and have a dream to someday get away from the corporate grind and have the freedom to be their own boss. This dream becomes a must when jobs are scarce and the mortgage is due. Now the scammers have a real opportunity to draw in even more unsuspecting chumps into the maze of deceit and lies. My experience happened over five years ago; I can’t even imagine how many suckers have been bilked of what little resources they have in today’s economy.

I am not in favor of the government regulating the Internet. That would only add a second tier to the corruption and, in the final analysis, the corruption would become twofold. The scammers get you first and then the government adds insult to injury with the taxes you would pay for using the Internet in the first place. Oh, now you know the real reason why the government wants to intervene. It would not be to protect the citizenry; it would be to generate even more money to feed the greed that permeates big government the world over!

No, the answer is simple – don’t go online thinking you can make money. Some folks Google to learn everything there is about a subject and then they become an expert and people pay for expert advice. They then use social networks to tell everyone about their expertise and wait for the e-mails to start pouring in asking for advice. This being said, they do not make money online either. All a person has to do is Google something themselves. Why would they need anyone’s expertise in the first place, yet alone pay for it?

Therein lies the rub – the Internet is the last place you should go looking for money. Perhaps starting a small yard cleanup business in your town would be a better way to go; that’s what I did. Do you want to know something? It works for me because I can make a few bucks without kissing ass in the first place. I can work my own hours in the second place and best of all – I pick my customers, they don’t pick me!

Instead of paying scammers a fortune, I printed up professional looking flyers and business cards and then posted them in strategic places around town. I promised to do the job right the first time, every time, and set your watch – I will be there when I say I will be there! After a few jobs the word gets around about a guy who not only shows up, but he works hard and changes a fair price for his work. I have become their landscaper, garbage hauler, all around handyman and, most of all, someone they can trust.

This isn’t exactly what I had in mind and it sure isn’t what I want to do, but I am doing what I have to do to supplement my income. My passion is writing and it really doesn’t matter what I write as long as I am doing it; maybe that is why I love blogging so much. Now if I could only figure a way to get paid to write without becoming one of them. I would rather shovel pig poo than be a scammer!

I’m just saying,




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