History Repeating Itself


Without going technical on my poor readers, I would like to point out that the presidential political campaign we are now being subjected to is not new in the annals of world politics. The messy, dirty world of politics has been endured with chagrin for thousands of years by us common folk.

The courts of kings and queens even before Cleopatra bristled with intrigue, treachery, murder and debauchery. Even when the Big Church ruled Europe, the political scene suffered from these symptoms as young boys were being deflowered by the thousands in the name of religion.

Democratic, dictatorship, monarchy, socialist or whatever, they all have been permeated with greedy, corrupted and power-hungry ego maniacs who all professed to be the friends of the commoner.

We, as a species, have never learned what history teaches; that is why history always repeats itself. Every huge government power in history has fallen by the wayside while future generations marveled at their technology and accomplishments. This praise does not negate their total collapse into the dust of time.

I, for one, am glad I must only endure one short lifetime of the rhetoric, lies, half-truths and obnoxious behaviors that permeate our politics. If this was not true and I must live three or four hundred years, I would surely become one of them so as to retain my sanity!

I’m just saying,




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