Get Simplistic


I see have seen books professing to know the secret of how to be an author using certain secret steps to make it happen for only $19.95. What a joke, and people go for that crap to boot. There are no magic writings or secret potions to being an author. You need only one thing – desire!

Yup, that’s it, folks. Desire is the magic formula to becoming an author and it doesn’t cost a dime. Not all educated people can become good authors and some uneducated people have become super authors with best sellers running out their keyboards or pencils. (Warning: Writing novels can be addicting.)

The question I hear most is…where do I start? This is where simplicity comes in to play. Start with the end in mind. You have an idea for a book or you would not be reading this blog. Sit down at the keyboard or with pen and paper and write a sentence pertaining to your book idea. When you finish your sentence, look at it and make sure it makes sense to you and in some way represents your idea. Example: I was walking in the park and discovered a dead body. This simple sentence is the start of a great murder mystery. It sets the tone for the novel and everyone and their mother knows what the genre is going to be.

The second step is just as easy – write a second sentence. This sentence should enhance the first. Example: I screamed and vomited all over a jogger who was passing by. Gross, but murder is a nasty business. Walla, you now have two sentences of your new murder mystery.

The next steps are just as easy. Keep writing until you have a paragraph; then keep on trucking until you have a chapter. When you finish your chapter, stop writing and review what you have written. If it excites you and you can’t wait to continue, your demons will be gone and you will be hooked on the greatest adventure of a lifetime. If you fell asleep while writing, perhaps you should stay with your day job. The chapter you have just written will test your desire. Remember that desire is the only tool you really need – along with imagination.

We all have imagination; it’s what makes humans tick. Write your novel with pride and enthusiasm. I would prefer you do not pick the murder mystery genre – I don’t need the competition.

I’m just saying,



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