Fuel Junkies


Americans are gasoline junkies of the worst kind. We are tweakers and shooting up like wild banshee. It will take more than just not buying gas from the big three suppliers to get prices lower. We need to cut back on our consumption of fuel big time!

For the wealthy the preceding sentence is a joke. “Why should we cut back? It’s the middle class who is using all the fuel.” While in reality, the middle class is being forced to cut back because of the scarcity of employment. The poor are riding public transportation because that is what they have always done. Truckers are using large quantities, but our economy depends on them to deliver goods across the country. I do think using rail is more cost-effective, but try to tell that to trucking companies. The news is that rail can move a load 500 miles on one gallon of fuel. Now that’s what I call fuel efficiency!


I know that the big three gasoline companies are starting to compete more with the so-called cut-rate guys, so the theory of not using their gas does make sense. The real back breaker is less consumption on a worldwide level. Less demand means more fuel and lower prices.


Fuel suppliers are like drug dealers. They know we have to have our fix and are willing to do anything to make sure we get it. Well, I got news for the bastards; I quit nicotine and alcohol and I can damn sure quit gasoline, or at least cut way back. I don’t mind my truck sitting in the carport most of the time now – It makes me feel good that I am not paying out the nose for fuel. My little 3.7 gallon tank on my Harley makes me smile at the gas station while the station owner glares at me from the store when I fill up. I just smile back at him while I ride off getting 42 M.P.G. He can’t get even with me when it is raining – I just go to another station with my truck.


Like most conservationist, I wish we could stop using fossil fuels right this second, but that is not possible. It would cause global starvation, wars and chaos. If we don’t slow way down and begin using renewable energy, that scenario will happen anyway. It is a catch 22. The really bad part is that we possess the technologies to replace fossil fuels as I speak, but greed keeps us dependent on our addiction.


I do believe technology will be our salvation. I just hope it is sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, “We The People” will need to keep putting pressure on politicians and huge corporations. Keeping them on the hot seat is helping, and it also makes me feel good when the power brokers start hopping like crickets on a hot frying pan.

I’m just saying,





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