Twenty Two Years and Counting


I know I sometimes weary of family stuff posted on Facebook because I don’t know the family and feel like an outsider trying to look into things that are none of my business. While I try to avoid postings that would only interest my family, I must succumb to the urge to announce to the whole world (or at least the five or six people who read my blogs) that my wife, Sandy, and I will have been married 22 years on Sunday!

This announcement might seem petty to those who have been married much longer, but you must understand that this length of time is a world record for us. We have tripled the years we had been able to stay married in the past. Of course this blog indeed declares we both have been married multiple times before and to some that may seem odd. The truth be known, we are both just hopeless romantics who kept on trying until we got it right.

I will tell you this; the last 22 years have been packed with adventure, joy, some heartbreak, little disappointment and lots of love for each other and our children (and pets) on both sides of the marriage. This union brought together quite a diverse group of young adults, one mother-in-law, old dogs, a couple of parrots and numerous cats (mostly strays). The children are adults and scattered to the four winds. We have lost pets to old age and replaced them with new ones so we can watch them grow. You see, they are our new children to be raised with love and protection.

We are now at the age when our pets remember things longer than we do. There is no doubt that the combination of my wife, mother-in-law and me equals the power of one brain which enables us to function fine as a group; individually – not so fine. We stumble around laughing much, loving each other more each passing day and happy as larks in our bliss. While the world seems scary at times, the three of us manage to push aside fear and wake up each morning with renewed hope and anticipation for yet another exciting day.

Life is indeed what you make of it and I have no doubt that we found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We do not have to look any further than each other to know that we were meant to be together until death do us part. Until that day, we will cherish and love one another. Perhaps we will meet again in heaven, I don’t really know. What I do know is that we will live this life fully, happily and with a teaspoon of craziness. Being a little crazy makes the occasional downside of life worthwhile.

I’m just saying,



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