Dumb Down


I need to dumb down. I say this because I want to understand our Congress and their actions. The only way to understand and relate to them is to lower myself to their level. I am not sure I can dumb down that low, but I must try.

If I can reach total dumbness, I will also be able to understand liberals, conservatives and the mainstream news media. It would help to kill three birds with one stone (just a metaphor, don’t get your left or right-wing in an uproar) so I can really get into the head space of the political cesspool we find ourselves being subjected to now.

I do not need to list the insane things going on in our Congress to date; suffice to say that going defaulting on all our debts would be at the top of the list. This is an area in which I really need to dumb down. Is there some kind of debt relief agency out there that can help the federal government? I know there are plenty of debt counselors out there advertizing on TV daily that are ready to take the last dime of the millions of middle-class families that have had to go bankrupt because of Congress and corporate greed.

I have thought of the consequences of dumbing down – I might become one of them if I am unable to smarten back up. A depressing thought indeed, but it’s a risk I am willing to take to understand the madness that surrounds me. I have left instructions that in the event I stay dumb my vote at the 2016 primary election will go exclusively to the Libertarian Party. Let’s give them a chance to screw things up…after all, it’s only fair.

I’m just saying,







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