Insanity Rocks



Yes, as one of my loyal readers pointed out, Tuesday’s blog titled, Critique This, was tacky at best. While I don’t regret posting it, I really don’t like disappointing anyone who likes to read my murder mysteries.

I thought about not posting yesterday’s blog, but I figured anyone who has read my books would understand just how tacky I can be. Sometimes tackiness just pops out like a sore thumb and I have to slink back into the book shelves and hide in shame.

I learned many years ago that you can’t please everyone, but I continue to try anyway. If trying the same thing over and over again to gain a different result is insanity…I truly must be insane. Now you know my horrible secret, I am insane – gloriously, wonderfully, wickedly insane with no plans to ever change.

One great thing about being an author is that insanity is expected or why would we suffer the slings and arrows of non-authors?

I’m just saying,



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