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Well, I have known my two human pack leaders, two male adult dogs, and one rather interesting feathered creature for six months. While I am dotted on by my pack leaders every waking hour, I must admit to liking it more when I am playing with the white dog called Taco. He is so much fun, even though he can be a little rough now and again.

The black and tan dog called Gonzo is temperamental to say the least and there are times when I pester him unmercifully simply because I know he has few teeth and is slower than molasses in January. I’m not quite sure what old is, but I suspect Gonzo suffers from it.

I would also like to play with the feathered creature named Pickles, but he seems a little reluctant and his funny looking mouth scares me a little. I think this creature could hurt me if he wanted, so I dance around and bark at him just out of the reach of that nasty looking mouth with two huge teeth.

We get to have food two times a day and also every time my leaders eat something. We don’t get people food, which is what I really want, but at least we get doggy food and hunger is never a problem. If I act like I’m not hungry, one of my masters will always hand feed me; life is good. I still don’t understand why Pickles gets to eat off my master’s dishes on the table though, while we are made to stay on the floor. This does not seem very fair to me….

I remember when I was taken from my crate when I was six weeks old and handed to this large Alpha male human. He tucked me under his chin and held me tight while petting my fur with a soft and gentle touch. I liked him right off and wished I could stay in his arms forever. I was shocked when he got into a car with me, while the Alpha female drove off and I watched the world fly past me with great anticipation of what was to come.

We finally stopped at a new home that was on wheels and after I was put on the couch, two large male dogs started sniffing me intently and I ran to my male human for comfort. I didn’t feel the two larger dogs wanted to hurt me; they just wanted to know who and what I was. It didn’t take them long to figure out I was a girl and both of them started falling all over themselves to get my attention.

My first night was spent in another crate and the night was long and scary, but the second night the human male picked me up and took me to a huge bed and I got to spend the night cuddled up to him and the female. Now life was really looking up. Every time the other two dogs needed to go to the bathroom, I also went along to the large fenced enclosure next to the motor home, except I was carried every time because there was no way I could climb the stairs up or down. You see, I was very tiny and only weighed one pound. I never had an accident on the bed because I am a very smart, tiny, dog.

Now I am much bigger (five pounds) and the world is not quite as scary. We even go for walks with Taco and sometimes Gonzo gets to come along. I think he tires too soon and that is why he stays home most of the time. My Alpha male human walks with me on a leash while carrying a large walking stick in case we are attacked by other dogs in the neighborhood. Loud vehicles still scare me, but Daddy (that’s what my Alpha male calls himself) will always pick me up and hold me tight while we walk. Other dogs that are behind fences don’t scare me anymore; in fact, I bark at them because I am a tough little girl Chihuahua with an attitude to match.

I wish all animals could be as lucky as I am and have a good home with humans that care about all life on this huge world. Sometimes when we are walking, I hear other dogs crying because they are hungry and penned up with nothing to eat or drink. If my pack leaders knew about it, I am sure they would help, but they don’t hear as well as I do.

I have a pack now and I think that my place is high on the pecking order. While I am spoiled rotten, my pack leaders smile and take turns holding me with tender love. I am never very far away from safety and shelter. All I can do is wish the same for all the wonderful dogs and cats of the world. Now, where is Gonzo? I feel the need to torment him for a while, but he hasn’t been around for a couple of dinners. I fear he has left us. I miss him very much.

I’m just saying,





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