Brain Drain


Personally, I haven’t a clue what happen to my brain or where it has wandered off to. After bumping around the house this morning trying to make coffee, the mission was finally completed without mishap and I am now sitting at my desk looking at the computer monitor wondering what in the hell am I doing here at 3:29 in the freaking morning?

A couple of days ago I was ranting on and on in a blog about trying to write the “Super Blog,” but this morning I realize you must have a “Super Brain” to accomplish the task. I ain’t got no super brain and I aren’t likely to have one anytime soon!

The nerve of me comparing myself with Albert Einstein; he had forgotten more at seventeen than I will ever know. I don’t care if he did pick his nose and stick out his tongue at people – the man was a genius. The nearest I come to genius is being in the genus of Homo sapiens, although my wife has contested that fact more than once.

I might as well join the rest of the dreamers on the planet looking for Atlantis, The Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. I would probably have better luck. I did find a meteorite once, but I have forgotten where I put it. Not to worry, one of the kids will find it after I am gone and use it for a paper weight.

Let me see…I have written three murder mysteries, two self-help books and hundreds of blogs. One would think that the point would be clear; but that is the problem with dreamers – they never give up dreaming that someday they will be famous. When your momma said, “never marry a dreamer” she wasn’t kidding!

I guess I will just continue getting up at God awful hours in the morning, stumble around the house until my head clears, drink a boat-load of coffee and mass produce blogs that continue only to amaze me and a handful of crazies out there who likewise get up at God awful hours, stumble around their houses drinking boat-loads of coffee while wondering where in the hell their brains have gone to….

People, we must stick together…we are a dying breed!

Write on,



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