2+2 = 7.5


The above equation is my newest theory on the nature of females, regardless of the species. It is a foregone conclusion that any male of all species are destined to sit in silence picking their noses, while wondering what just happened and how did they piss her off? For some species, death is the outcome of wanting a little hanky-panky. A stiff weenie may have no conscience, but having your head bit off or being eaten alive by a female is a punishment that does not fit the crime!

To say some females are harsh is certainly an understatement, and after closer examination, it may even be said that females are dominant in all species. Just study the natural world first, and then go sit in a corner and be afraid, be very afraid. I maintain that the aliens have already landed and have taken over the planet millions of years ago and that the aliens are named “Female”!

For some of you out there in cyber land (mostly women), you might be asking what brought on this tirade toward females. The answer is simple; I watched (for the umpteenth time) the movie Aliens; couple that with a fascination for nature and all its inhabitants and it becomes evident that females have brainwashed all males into believing that they are dominant. In the movie, the queen alien is a vicious, blood thirsty creature not unlike Ripley, who finally destroys one said creature and returns home to Earth safely with her little female protégé. I am sure that Ripley will teach the little one to be as fearless and ferocious as she in time.

Males, there is no sense getting your shorts in a bunch; time for that is long gone. All you can do now is huddle in a pod and wait your turn for the chomping block. Personally, I have no sympathy for the millions of male species who die daily on Earth by the hands (claws) of females. Six billion years ago when the first microbes were born, they were hermaphrodites, but oh, no…the male half had to be macho and break away so it wouldn’t be called a sissy. That very day, while males were no longer being called sissies, they were being eaten alive by the monsters they themselves let loose on the planet.

I’m just saying,




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