“Newbie Writing Club of America”


As I worked with my publisher on my first, second and third novels, it became more evident that the first time, wanna be writer will have a daunting task ahead. I look back at all the wasted time and money I spent trying to edit, self-publish, print, store, distribute, build a Websites for two small self-help books and maintain a blog (thinking all along I could do it by myself) just to discover it was the wrong approach.


Let’s face it, I got caught up in the Internet hype…Let me show you how to make millions on the Internet! Beware my friends; it’s really just the start of a bad trip down Internet fantasy land. After two years of trial, error and frustration beyond belief, there are really only three simple answers that spell success. Research, research, and more research! I absolutely recommend starting in the public library unless you are very, very Internet savvy. It’s free, simple and won’t empty your wallet. Everything you can buy on-line is free in the library! Yes, it is time-consuming, but for the budget minded, a perfect solution. The problem with researching on-line is that everything has a price tag unless you know where to look and knowing where to look also takes time and can cost a boatload of bucks and a computer full of viruses.


The big question is; can I self-publish my novel without spending money? The answer is basically, NO! The good news is that you can publish with a moderate budget. If you are thinking about using a POD (print on demand) publisher, research is so very important. I researched for many months looking for that perfect combination and finally found it with Wheatmark, Inc. based in Tucson, Arizona http://www.wheatmark.com/. While they were perfect for me, that does not mean they will be perfect for you. Remember; research, research and more research!


For those of you who are serious about writing that first book and joining the “newbie club,” don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you need help finding your way. I never charge for advice…only books. E-mail conversations are for free advice; sometimes I need help too and I don’t hesitate to ask my author friends for their advice via e-mails.

























I can tell you one thing for sure. The excitement of seeing your first book on Amazon.com will blow your mind. In fact, so much so that you will need to sit down. Seeing the second book was even more exciting; I actually needed an attitude adjustment because my already large head turned into the Goodyear blimp! My third book was magic! My wife deflated my head quickly by reminding me that now I needed to sell the books. Oh, I forgot about that….

I’m just saying,




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