To Twitter or Not to Twitter


I’m still trying to figure Twitter out. I have around 8,429 Tweets, 2,468 that I am following and 2,250 followers, which indicates to me that my tweets suck and I should stick to riding Harleys. I have seen some Twitter folks who have 35 tweets and 25,000 followers or more. Of course, most of these are young, beautiful women who make old guys like me feel faint.

I have seen some ads on Twitter where you can buy followers…$10.00 for a thousand, $20.00 for 5,000 and so on. Somehow that doesn’t make sense to me. If I bought 25,000 followers my blogs would still suck. I can’t even keep track of the 2,250 followers I have now. Besides, buying them feels like slavery to me – I don’t need to own followers.

I understand why author Anne Rice has few tweets and thousands of followers. She is known worldwide and is still selling millions of books. She doesn’t even need to bother with Twitter, but there she is bigger than life. Obviously Twitter must be of some value to her or she wouldn’t waste her time. She also has a Facebook page, which surprises me considering all the nonsense that goes on there. You can’t send her a personal message on Facebook though. If I could, I would ask her why she is on Twitter.

Perhaps my numbers on Twitter are misleading. They could represent actual people who really like my blogs instead of thousands who were bought and could care less. When you get right down to the nitty-gritty, it makes me feel better knowing that the people who like my writing are real, albeit few. I am content with that because being a successful author doesn’t necessarily mean selling millions of books. Being an author means staying true to yourself and not trying to buy your way to stardom.

Nothing in my life has been easy. I have had to work hard and persevered through all the roadblocks life has to offer. If things were easy, I would not be as appreciative of the successes I have earned. There is no doubt that I will continue writing books and blogs, suffer the slings and arrows of Facebook and the mystery of Twitter. Who knows, maybe someday I will figure it all out; in the meanwhile, I’m going Harley riding at the Frosty Balls Rally and get some ice-cold wind on my face!

Ride on,




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