The Older I Get – The Less I Know


One would think the title of this blog is an oxymoron, but it is really just a simple observation on my part. Every year I age, the reality of knowing less than I thought I knew the previous year rears its ugly head.

I came to this conclusion while participating in social events. During the gatherings I would sit and watch the interaction of people wondering why I really had no clue as to where they were really coming from in their conversations. Each had an opinion screaming to be spoken; while one was talking, the rest were planning their responses and not really paying attention to the others’ opinions.

I do not say this maliciously, but rather as an observation. Perhaps when we get older, we simple have less to say because in our lifetimes we have pretty much said it all. By all, I mean the good, the bad and the ugly – I find myself not wanting to step in the verbal poo like so many times before.

Some would argue that this is simply a sign of maturity, but I am not so sure. I can still be very immature at times, which is no shock to those who know me. Perhaps it is my second childhood? I think not; if it were my second childhood, I would be playing with toy soldiers instead of Harleys.

Science would say that when you reach my age the brain cells are dying off like flies. I beg to differ; my mind is sharper than ever or I wouldn’t be writing novels and blogs. One reason my brain is functioning well is because it isn’t filled with macho, hunter gatherer stuff and it is void of booze, tobacco and other brain killers. I say these things in all modesty – I am just thinking aloud.

It is obvious that I don’t have answers to my own questions. Perhaps it is enough just knowing I can step back, not really knowing what is being said to me, nod my head and smile, while the speaker thinks I understand the conversation completely. It’s a win – win really…they get to think they are understood, while I revel in the knowledge that their turn is coming to contemplate (at some point in time) that they too shall know less than they did the year before.

OK, so the bottom line is that clean living and mental stimulation keep the brain cells firing at top speed no matter your age (there are of course some exceptions because of diseases). Now let’s move on to the body…on second thought, let’s not and say we did!

I’m just saying,



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