The Horror of It All


I am sitting in my office, sweating while having cold chills running up and down my spine like an electrical charge. My nose won’t stop running and I am using tissues like they are going out of style. My beard stubble is a result of me not shaving and the body odor has kept my wife out of here for days. I don’t how much longer I can take the withdrawals; no one warned me how serious they would be.

How could I have become so addicted? It started so innocently; how could such a little amount turn into a daily ritual 24/7? I have heard stories, but like all stories – if you believe half of what you hear you will have a quarter of the truth. This time the stories were true and now I am paying the price of addiction. Please warn everyone you know not to become what I have become.

While today is Thursday and I will receive some relief, I know that tomorrow is Christmas and it will bring back the memories of my first blog and the blog addiction that followed. I will have to go through 24 hours of blackness before I am allowed to blog and go forth on Facebook again.

Life sucks, but at least I will have a great day tomorrow watching grandkids open toys I couldn’t even imagine when I was young.

Just saying,




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