“Good Health: The slowest possible rate at which one can die.”


The jig is up and we are all regulated to a simple process and that process is called aging. So, pick your poison – short, exciting life doing all the things that are fun, yet bad for your health, or…spend your life bored out of your gourd staying in good health just to turn into a dust bunny anyway. I don’t want to sound morbid, but it’s hard to be happy knowing none of us will ever get out alive.

So, my reality was that I chose door number one until I turned 50. It was then I realized that my body was hurting everywhere and gravity was pulling me down like a boat anchor. My thinking was simple, try moderating my life style and live longer…easier said than done. Old habits are hard to break, especially cigarettes and booze.

As I looked into the mirror the morning after my 50th Birthday party with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of the dog that bit me in the other, I wondered to myself why God would make things readily available to us if we were not supposed to partake in them. It was obvious that the reflection in the mirror was of someone who needed to slow down and I mean, way down. I quit smoking and drinking the very same day…sort of. I admit to some remissions, but they were of short duration.

OK, so I got a late start living healthy; better late than never I say. Over twenty years after that birthday party, I think I am qualified to say something about The Golden Years. I wish I had lived my first 50 years with moderation, maybe my golden years wouldn’t be as tarnished. Don’t get me wrong – other than hurting from head to toe most of the time, my life is good and I’m even studying T’AI CHI. High impact exercise for me is a thing of the past.

No one could tell me anything in my younger years that I didn’t already know, so I lived fast and furious until I finally realized I didn’t know crap and should have listened to my elders. While I complain about getting older, there is one thing that remains constant. How we perceive old age is everything. So what if The Golden Years are a myth and things get more difficult physically as years go by, our brains stay relatively sharp and we know stuff…like lots of stuff. I am happy that I cannot go back even one day in time. Besides, if I did, I would just screw up at a different level.

It’s actually nice to slow down and reflect on a life well spent. Sure I made mistakes, lots of them in fact, but I have reconciled those mistakes by becoming a good person, with good intentions and love for my fellow man and woman. I now know that The Golden Years are a state of mind, not of body. In my mind I am totally immersed in good things and deeds. As long as my mouth works, I will try to only speak truth and not malign anyone. As long as my eyes work, I will only see the good things in life. As long as my heart beats, I will love all people and nature. As long as I live, I will embrace life with Love!

Write on,



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