The Fear of Change



Change…I believe it is the most dreaded thing humans can face – yet without it, all life ceases to exist. The flow of time continues moment by moment not concerned with the whims of human beings who have total belly button vision. We now find Earth in a very precarious position where we humans must change the way we treat our mother or perish as a species.

All with vision ask themselves if it is indeed too late or do we still have a chance to save what is left of the ecology that supports the human species? I can’t answer that question…I doubt anyone really can. Mother Earth is a fickle Lady – who knows what she has in store? I just know it won’t be good for us in the final analysis.

I do put faith in science and pray that new technologies can turn the tide, but we still power our world with fuels that pollute and foul the very air we breathe and water we drink. Even the most advanced countries cannot stem the tide, let alone third world countries. Even our oceans are rank with garbage floating from sea to shining sea.

The hardest thing for me to understand is the wealthiest people on earth perpetuate the use of these fuels to accumulate even more wealth. It is like somehow all this money is going to save them from the fate the rest of us will face. It’s like a snake eating its own tail. Where is the logic? Where does the notion of salvation come from? Are there spaceships waiting to take the very rich to another planet? I just don’t get it…the demise of mankind due to greed demonstrated by the very rich will kill us all – each and every one!

I have long suspected that a very few would like to see mass de-population of the many so as to ease the pressure on our environment. Those with this kind of greed would gladly throw the switch to make it happen. It is not in the realm of the unthinkable, but rather in the realm of possibility. I still remember Hitler and it scares the hell out of me. Not because of my demise…I worry for the innocent children of our world.

While I weary of these depressing thoughts, I cannot stop myself from putting them into words. I am particularly sad that I am not smart enough to come up with solutions; I only have nightmares of chaos and the end of our beautiful blue planet.

But perhaps a glimmer of hope and the chance to dream of better things to come beckon? I see hope in the eyes of young people who create with wild imaginations and vigor; each new generation bringing forth positive actions with words of inspiration. No doubt the older generation is tired and yearns for peace and quiet – I know I do.

I’m just saying,



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