The Color of Life


Life is not just black or white – it is filled with every color in a rainbow. I can’t remember how many times I have heard that there is only right or wrong, black or white, with no shades of gray. I believe we have all heard it so many times that we forget that in those shades of gray are hidden bright colors that can make life a kaleidoscope of hopes and dreams come true.

No matter how gray our lives might seem at any given time, we can peer into the kaleidoscope of dreams and see a bright future. Yes, it takes imagination, but we all have the power to do so no matter what condition we find ourselves in.

Look at young cancer patients in hospitals with a dire prognosis       who refuse to give up; even with heads void of hair and stints protruding from their arms they have smiles that reflect the qualities of God. Such smiles give hope to millions of people who realize their problems are minuscule in comparison.

What about the serviceman or woman who comes back from war with amputated arms and legs after having laid in the battlefield smothered by the color gray only to be transformed into the arms of a rainbow with new hopes and dreams of rehabilitation. They face a rocky road most cannot dream of with a radiant smile and the determination to succeed in their new life.

Even with the anguish of losing a loved one (especially a child), we rise above the gray cloud of pain and sorrow when we start to see the color of hope knowing that our loved one is in the arms of Devine Love. Every story of near death experience deals with the radiant and pure colors of heaven, colors so bright and clear as to cause the onlooker to shade their eyes from its brilliance.

There is warmth in color and it surrounds the heart and soul. Even the blind can see the colors I speak of. I speak of the colors of Love – when you love, a rainbow develops in your soul and its colors radiate outward into the eyes of all who would see. This communication is timeless and has no boundaries. Can you see the colors of my Love? I am sending them to you with hope for your future and happiness in your life.

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