The Cell Phone Connection


I am beginning to believe I am out of touch with the real world. Technology is traveling at the speed of light while I sit here writing books trying to keep up with Twitter and Facebook. The new 60 might be 50, but the old 70 is still 70.

My oldest daughter and youngest son zip in and out of conversations on Facebook with ideas and terms that are alien to me; by the time I respond they are off in another direction entirely, while I sit here wondering what happened. One thing I do like is that they are using mostly proper English instead of the code that the even younger generation uses for faster texting. I wouldn’t have a clue if they used “The Code.”

Of course this is not new information; it’s called the generation gap. While I never thought I would ever live long enough to experience the gap, I should have known better. Only the good die young and with my luck, I will live long enough to experience diapers and bibs again, which won’t be a total downer as long as I have a tricked out Hoveround to chase the nurses.

It’s a tough nut to crack when the older generation realizes that they are on their way off the planet, while our children must stay behind and try to figure out what they can do to save our planet from the bad guys who don’t see the large picture and succumb to greed. When I was young, I was too busy trying to earn a living and when I got older I wasn’t smart enough to figure out how to save the world. What may eventually save them and the world is the very technology that is leaving me in the dust.

The whole planet is connected as one through the use of cell phones. We have become a unified force through the use of technology. While I am using terms described in the TV program “Though the Wormhole,” it bears repeating. There is hope for our planet if we can grasp the concept of one people all working together for peace and prosperity for all species that live on planet Earth.

The whole concept is mind boggling and makes my head hurt, but even at my age I can see the advantages. I would like to leave here knowing that some kind of progress is being made to stem the flow of carbon-based energy and that renewable energy has become mainstream. I would also like to know that our children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and reach for the stars.

In the meanwhile, I will track my children’s progress on Facebook (which seems to be the preferred mode of conversation these days) and try to keep up. Perhaps I will even grab my cell phone and give them a call. It’s nice to hear a voice now and again – what a concept.

I’m just saying,



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