Our United States of America


It’s no longer Democrats vs. Republicans, House vs. Senate or Reid vs. Boehner. This is about the total lack of leadership by our federal government. This is about the total disregard for taxpaying Americans who work hard, fight for our country and freedoms, teach our children, heal our sick, keep us safe from crime, put out our fires and thousands of other worthwhile endeavors.

I am beyond ashamed of my government, which has replaced my anger with a feeling of total despair. Our nation is becoming a magnet for subversion because internally we have become like jello swaying back and forth with no direction or purpose. Respect has been replaced with disgust, pride with shame and trust with the total lack of same.

As a retired construction professional I always insisted on solutions, not finger-pointing; action as opposed to inaction with fair and honest answers to questions voiced by the client. These sound business principles do not apply to our Congress because they (past and present) are protected by laws they themselves passed to keep their families fed and clothed no matter the economy or condition of the country they were sworn to serve. They have become self-serving and greedy under their cloak of superiority and shameful arrogance.

While I surrounded myself with the very best talent to solve problems, our government causes problems by insisting they be surrounded by pompous, ignorant and nearsighted wealthy aristocrats. People go to Washington to find yet more fortune and learn the fine art of deception in words and deeds. The machine has grown huge, bloated and sluggish to the point of static performance.

Enter my despair – I have no solution to the problem. The problem has become so insurmountable as to cause the common man, woman and child to run for cover. I fear there is no man or woman left to take over leadership of the monster we call our government lest it spit them out broken and bruised beyond repair.

I suppose each state will have to take control of its own populace and ignore the federal government mandates in order to stay solvent, which I am sure will be seen as insurrection by Washington, D.C. What choice will we have but to protect ourselves and families? Maybe if each state protects the Constitution without compromise, we might be able to stay free. I certainly hope so. I would rather die with a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America in my hand than live with it watered down into obscurity.

I’m just saying,




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