Our Planet Earth


Sometimes it is very difficult to remain upbeat and happy when we see all the horrible things that happen on our planet on a daily basis. Man’s inhumanity to man and a natural world that survives on kill or be killed – eat or be eaten.

It is no wonder that servicemen and women who come home from war are traumatized to the core with some unable to reconcile what their duty and self-preservation dictated and they take their own lives because they cannot see good in the world anymore nor forgive themselves for the killings they have done.

It is not enough that we can look up at the universe and see billions of galaxies and stars and contemplate infinity. There must be a God who created the scene I behold, how else can it be explained? Why must it be all so violent and destructive? Why couldn’t I have been born a hundred years earlier before the age of science and the reality that life is a constant struggle for survival? That generation lived in blissful ignorance of killer comets and deadly gamma ray bursts that could destroy Earth at any moment.

There is one common denominator that makes sense of the universe we live in. That common denominator is Love. We are a species of immense capabilities for good or evil. We have learned how to change our environment on a global scale. We have also learned how to kill on a global scale. “We are death and the killer of worlds,” but in spite of it all, we are also the only species that can dream of better things to come and feel compassion and Love to the point that we would give up our own life for the sake of another – human or animal. That capability is so precious that it defies all the so-called laws of nature.

If we humans were not on Earth, Love would go unexpressed. I cannot imagine a world without Love. That world would indeed not be a place where I could or would want to live. For this reason, I am glad I live in the present time so that I can show compassion and Love to my fellow human beings and all life on our beautiful blue planet.

I’m just saying,






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