Open Letter to Facebook and Twitter


There is no doubt that we are becoming a Godless country and the consequences will be catastrophic if we don’t band together and take back our country from the evil ones.  I am the kind of Christian that prays in the closet in silence and reverence because that was the way I was taught.  I don’t believe in Bible thumping or pushing my religion on others, but the time has come to wake the sleeping giant.  I no longer reside in a closet; I now reside in the presence of not only the Lord, but in the presence of my fellow Christians who will not go silently in the night.  I stand with you; Brothers and Sisters, and we will shout from the highest roof top that we are Christians and together we “Trust in God” and believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. Together we will vote the evil ones out of congress and restore our constitutional rights and put God first and integrity will become the rule, not the exception!




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