Live Safe – Die Old and Bored


I can’t believe that the above title used to be my motto when I was a young gun construction worker. What I can’t figure out is why am I still alive and in good physical, mental and emotional health. By rights, I should have died decades ago on a motorcycle while drunk and/or stoned on whatever drug I could get my hands on (except anything that required a needle). At the least, my liver and lungs should have rolled over and played dead many moons ago!

There is no logical explanation as to why the good die young and the bad live long enough to become good, or not. The list of good people dying young is endless, just as the list of bad people living a really long, long time is endless. No offense to the good people who have managed to live long lives…I just don’t know any (except my wife – whew, glad I thought of that just in time).

With all the craziness (well, most of it) behind me, I can now ponder the wisdom of putting not only myself at risk but many innocent bystanders also. How many times do we read in the newspaper or see on TV news stories of drunk drivers ending the lives of men, women and children, and in the process, destroying the rest of their own lives. One act of drunkenness can and does cause a lifetime of misery and pain to families of the victims and the perpetrator’s family.

The world we live in is hard at so many levels – death and taxes being high of the list of things that we use for excuses to drink or whatever. There is no good reason to get buzzed and drive a vehicle. The easiest out is calling a cab or having someone sober drive us home, but oh, no…we have to drive our precious vehicle into the gates of hell. I remember only too well how the thought of not having a vehicle terrified me. How could I survive without my bike or truck? I had to go to work in the morning – there will be no work in the morning after you get busted for DUI or worse.

I was never a 1% biker…not even close. The mystique enticed me, but I was always just a little too refined for that action. Instead, I would ride with construction buds and budettes and be wild within our group, which was wild enough. No wonder women fired me left and right, I was in love with booze and it always came first. Not a good way to be, especially if you had children.

For those of you reading this blog that don’t drink at all or at least not to excess, my hat is off to you…well played! To those of you who still like to flirt with death or prison, knock it off! We both know the risk isn’t worth it and you will much happier if you live to a ripe old age without having to suffer with the knowledge that you killed someone while drunk driving.

If this sounds like preaching, then so be it. I was just plain lucky and believe me there are plenty of people in prison who were not so lucky. Unfortunately there are many more whose luck just plain ran out forever. Let’s all drive and ride responsibly…it’s the only way to travel!

I’m just saying,



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