Thanksgiving Wish



I am a microcosm living in my own private world of family and friends. Thanksgiving means we all get together for turkey, laughs and some good times. As always, I am thankful for this day, but I am also thankful for the knowledge that there are millions of people in the world who are not as fortunate as I. Today, I say a prayer for those that go hungry every day and that through good works we can help fill the bellies of hungry babies and children who are abused and forgotten by all societies.

There are so many good people in the world who share their abundance by donating part of their wealth with those who are in need because of circumstances beyond control. At some point in our lives we all need help; is it not the right thing to do by giving something back to society’s less fortunate? Giving is one of the law’s of Karma…it is a universal law that if broken, will come back to haunt the perpetrator.

For those who have nothing extra to give – give of yourself…it is really the most important gift anyone could ask for. Share your love and watch someone’s life turn bright with hope and renewed desire for success. “Give someone a fish and they are fed for a day. Teach someone how to fish and they are fed for a lifetime.” Share your experiences, knowledge and secrets of success to others. Through the sharing of these things – you will become not only the teacher, but also the student. We can learn so much by understanding the plight of others.

During this special day, I will pray for all humanity in the hopes that tomorrow will bring peace, hope and prosperity to our beautiful blue planet. I will also pray for combatants the world over who are away from family and friends preserving the peace we take for granted in our country. They are not alone in this effort; many countries are fighting for the same freedoms. My prayers are for them also….

I’m just saying,




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