I Am What I Think


Change is good if it is positive and productive. Following a dream can be both negative and counterproductive if the dream is unrealistic or senseless. I don’t always agree with the concept that doing what you like instead of what you have to do is sound. I do agree that making your money work for you is far better than a person working just for money. Paying yourself first is always the best way to start the process of making your money work for you.

I am in the process of reading Jodi Hudak’s book, “Behind Corporate Prison Walls,” and I find the premise fascinating and I can’t wait to finish reading it. Of course I cannot comment on the book yet, but it seems to me the title says volumes. Worldwide corporate greed is why the world is always in turmoil, because without constant conflict the populace would take control of their lives and this just won’t do when control means profits.

Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan started the whole corporate control theorem in the early 20th century. The corporate effect ran rampant and workers were little more than slaves until the advent of unions. While unions unfortunately became whores to organized crime, they were instrumental in gaining some rights for employees.

We sometimes get politics and corporate greed mixed up in our minds. Politicians do not run the world; corporations run the world! Political greed and corruption are an offshoot of the root cause, which is the corporate world. To me greed is the worst deadly sin because it kills people slowly and without remorse. Once greed has taken over a person’s will, that person will stop at nothing to make more and more money; Ford and Morgan were perfect examples.

It staggers my imagination when I try to figure out how some people think that they are far and above the working class because they have millions and even billions of dollars. It is as if they know something we don’t. I actually believe they think that death will never visit them and somehow they are immune from catastrophes. Even if they have secret hiding places with self-contained survival food and water, they cannot escape what all life must face. Perhaps they have found a way to take it with them? I think not!

As for myself, I have found that living a good, wholesome life with a partner who does the same, is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our household is without greed and we try diligently to conserve resources on a daily basis. We love animals and try to help fight against their abuse. We have formed alliances with like-minded people and our clan lives happily albeit frugally. No, we don’t vacation in the Hampton’s or scuba in Aruba, but we do have the one thing the upper crust will never have; we have respect for ourselves and our loved ones. We can look in the mirror and smile….

I’m just saying,




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