Hard – working Woman

Sandy & dogs in Q. Feb. 2010 001

I know it’s easy for men to brag on their wives, especially if they want something; I am no exception. What I want is for my readers to know that I truly have the most special wife on the planet.

While being an author is exciting and thrilling, it is not exactly lucrative. If fact the term “starving artist” has new meaning for me now – I never realized how true that statement could be until I tried promoting my own books. It takes money (a lot of money) to make money. Oh, well…that is another story.

In the interim, to keep myself riding Harleys as I was accustomed to while working in the construction industry, I started a small business doing trash clean-up, house repairs and the like, not thinking much would come of it. Posting a professional looking flyer at the local hardware store with business cards attached has provided opportunities to make many trips to the dump with trailer loads of trash, weeds and wood; some requiring chain saws and commercial trimmers to cut.

I found myself needing help and I turned to my wife. She jumped at the chance to get out and exercise and what a helper she has turned out to be…with no complaints, (complaining is reserved for me) she attacks every project with gusto and also keeps track of our hours and expenses. When we get home tired, bloodied and beat like a big dog, she somehow finds the strength to fix dinner and listen to me cry about my body that rebels at the abuse of using a chain saw or other body-wrecking equipment.

She gives me an advantage over my competition because I don’t charge for her being on the job site. In other words, she is slave labor – at least that is what her mother called it. Whatever you want to call it, all I know is without her help I would not be able to compete with the young guns out there trying to make ends meet in a tough economy. You know the ones that keep tearing my printed flyers off the bulletin board because their handwritten ones don’t bring in much work.

Today is an off day for my wife because I have a weed-pulling exercise that is a one-person deal, but rest assured tomorrow is another day and I will need her help again. Besides, I don’t want her to get fat and lazy on me….

I’m just saying,




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