Gone to the Dogs

I remember in my younger days when I was wild and wooly, family would sometimes comment that I had “gone to the dogs.” Today I find that comment depicts where all of us should indeed go post-haste.


I know you have heard all the clichés about how dogs don’t care who loves them as long as they are loved. Bad breath, BO, skin color, politics, fur – no fur, male – female, tall – skinny, short – heavy, gay – straight…none of this matters to a dog. Dogs love for the sake of loving with no hidden agendas, guilt or shame.


Interracial love? How about interspecies love? Means nothing to a dog or cat…all is well and love is real, which is more than we can say about the human race.


Old, young, wise, not so wise, healthy, sick…none of this matters to a dog or cat.


The only thing a dog requires is love and attention which is not based on greed, ambition, hidden agendas or any other human trait.


Rich or poor…it doesn’t matter to a dog who has love.


My point is that now I want people to say, “He has gone to the dogs.” We should all take heed of the blessings a dog or cat brings to our lives. We can indeed learn so much from their behavior that would enhance our own.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole human race went to the dogs and we started treating each other the way dogs and cats treat us? The world would be a better place indeed!

I’m just saying,





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