Facebook Tales


Why do I even go on Facebook anymore? I must be a masochist and a little narcissist to say the least. Am I so vain as to believe that people really like my blogs and read them for content and a few laughs? The reality is that there are few on Facebook who really care about others and insist on being heard above the din of daily life in spite of the fact that their posts are mundane and boring.

Let’s take stock of some of the folks who inhabit FB. There are the animal activists who insist on showing pictures of animals who are headed for slaughter in spite of the grief it causes the readers who can’t do a damn thing about it because they live on the other side of the country. There are also pictures of animals that are infected with pestilence, disease and other assortments of vile conditions – like this is going to get people in California interested in matters of New York. Californians have their own animal rights problems to solve. Showing disgusting photos will not help one iota!

Then there are the right wing religionists who think that everybody should receive the word of their God in spite of the fact that we are supposed to reserve the right to worship our own God in our own way. All manner of pleading will not get you taken off their holier-than-thou list. In fact, the more you complain the better they feel about themselves. “I am not going to hell because I am spreading the word of the one and only religion that provides salvation.” Well, salvation this, my obnoxious Bible thumpers.

And what about the repeaters; you surely didn’t think I would spare you, did you? How many posts in a row make an idiot? I’d say about three does it; any more than that and you are tooting your own horn which is akin to talking nonstop with the attitude that everyone must love what you have to say and want to hear it all day and night long. Guess what, you are wrong…shut your pie hole.

How about the leftwing tree huggers? They think that all our problems would be solved if we stopped using fossil fuels this very instant. What does it matter that the world would be in chaos before the sun sets? Famine would be the first thing on the agenda, along with anarchy, murder, mayhem, rape and plunder. The world economy depends on fossil fuels; take away the fuel and you take away the economy. As much as I wish it were not so, it is truth, and we are forced to take little steps toward the goal of weaning the planet off oil.

Oh, let’s not forget the whiners. Before you make a federal case out of having a cold, try to remember that there are people on Facebook who are dying of cancer and God knows what else and they not only do not snivel, they are the ones who are bright and cheery with laughter and smiles on their faces. They accentuate the positive and you will never know their pain and anguish because they know how precious life really is. They hold their heads high and live what time they have left of life with dignity.

I must admit there are still a few brave souls out there that tell it like it really is and don’t give a rat’s ass what people think. I like these folks – at least they are honest.

If there is anyone still reading this post, I would like to acknowledge the fact that I am free to leave Facebook at any time and I am sure you would be excited if I were to do just that. Sorry, Charlie, in spite of everything wrong about Facebook, it is still far better than Twitter.

I’m just saying,




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